8 Tips for a Winning Company Powerpoint Presentation

8 Tips for a Winning Company Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentations are a key way to relay information to other people within your company. Sure, we’ve all sat through a long business meeting, with a terrible presentation, but what makes a winning presentation inspire your company? Coreslide is a specialized, multimedia presentation design firm with over 15 years of experience wowing companies with our high-end PowerPoint presentations. We are sharing our tips for creating a winning company PowerPoint presentation.


Make Your First Impression Count

A company meeting is sometimes your first time seeing people from different departments. Having a professional PowerPoint presentation is important for building trust and connecting with these valuable members of your company. Whether you are introducing a new product or presenting to close a deal, you do not get a second chance. To better your chances of creating a positive impression, your presentation should include design elements that are consistent with your company’s brand. For example, make sure you are using the correct logo of your company. Using an older version of your company logo could make it look like you are not on the same page as the rest of your company, so why should others trust you? Your font choices, colors schemes, and language should align with the company’s mission and values. Make sure your slides are free from typos and any numerical mistakes to avoid any confusion from your audience.


Follow The 20 Minute Rule

People’s time is valuable. Everyone has another project they are concerned about when they sit down at a company meeting. Try to keep your introduction short, between 20 to 25 minutes, before diving into the meat of the presentation. Keeping your overall presentation short provides many benefits. It leaves time to open the floor up to dialogue to get feedback from the audience and allows time to answer any questions they may have. Having a shorter presentation is also better for your audience’s attention spans. People tend to zone out during extremely long presentations.


What Belongs in a Professional Presentation?

To keep your audience engaged you want to make sure your information is condensed and to the point. Just like when you were in elementary school and the teacher told you to focus on answering the W questions, Coreslide believes this is a critical part of having a professional presentation. Make sure you are hitting these areas:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • How?

The what and the way are typically the most important for business marketing. Unique ideas that will put your company ahead of the competition or give your company an advantage are something that will interest your team the most. The last PowerPoint slide should be reserved for motivating the company and calling them to act on what you just presented.


Highlight Benefits to Your Target Audience

Knowing who you are presenting to is key to having a successful PowerPoint. Everyone questions why they are at a presentation and how it benefits them. Highlighting these specific benefits to your audience will help your PowerPoint be more effective and engaging. If you are unsure where to start, a brainstorming session with others can be a great way to hear your peers’ concerns, ideas, and feedback for your presentation. A good idea may start with one person, but a great idea fosters ideas and input from the rest of the team or company.


Be Convincing with More Than Text

All text presentations are boring and strenuous on the eyes. Incorporating other elements such as images, graphs, and charts can boost your overall presentation design. A good breakdown to keep in mind would be 50% text and 50% graphics. Many humans are naturally visual learners. Having the information broken down into a graph or a chart can help your audience understand your information more clearly. Coreslide designers incorporate a variety of graphic elements within your presentation design. Check out some of our previous winning powerpoints!


Give the Customer What They Want

You have provided your team with the information they needed during your company presentation, but now you must take your idea and turn it into an effective PowerPoint for a vendor, investors, or other customers. Some perspective individuals may not be familiar with your company at all, while others are long-term partners of the company. Knowing your audience lets you effectively research and understand exactly what information these individuals will need to make an educated decision. Make sure your presentation is up-to-date with the correct data and information. Data that is over a month old may not be relevant anymore. Hiding slides is another quick way to refresh your presentation. If the individuals are long-term partners, they probably don’t need the company overview section. The hide slide function helps keep your PowerPoint presentation flexible to your audience’s needs. Hyperlinks are a great way to engage with your audience. Sometimes it is more efficient to bounce to your company website rather than have a screenshot. Coreslide also encourages you to utilize your company’s logo as a quick link to the “homepage” of your presentation at the bottom of each slide. This not only creates a strong branding correlation but also creates an easy flow if your audience would like to bounce back to the agenda of your presentation.


Present Like a Pro

Even a great, beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation can die with a bad presentation. If you are not authentic, passionate, and positive in your delivery of the information then your audience won’t either. Using words such as “we” or “you” is more personable and focuses on your company or audience rather than sounding like you are only there to push your agenda. Rehearse but do not memorize your presentation. Having your significant other or a friend in the company sit through your presentation and provide feedback can better prepare you for questions your audience may have later on.


Post-Presentation Best Practices

In today’s world, we do a lot of business digitally. Having a digital copy of your presentation is critical for reaching those who may not have been able to attend the in-person meeting or would like a copy to review later. Do not send the actual PowerPoint file. Export your presentation as a PDF that is no larger than 3MB. If you export anything larger, you risk it not reaching the intended person due to limited email attachment sizes. Have this ready to go immediately after the presentation so you can easily send the information along to the requested parties.

Let Coreslide Help!

It is easy to create a quick PowerPoint, but it is not easy to create an effective, engaging presentation. Let Coreslide help! We help people and companies, just like yours, create beautiful, professional presentations. Some of our notable clients are Time Magazine, Kaplan University, Citibank, Pfizer, Wallstreet Journal, and many others. These clients know having the right PowerPoint can make or break their presentation. At Coreslide, our focus is providing you with a high-end, dynamic, clear presentation that will effectively communicate your goals and objectives to your audience.

We have over a decade of experience creating presentations for a variety of industries and levels of companies. Whether you are just getting started, an established small business owner, or a Fortune 500 Company, Coreslide has the expertise to help your business navigate through those important meetings. Powerpoint is not the only tool in our box, our services also include animation, multimedia, print design, web design, Keynote, After Effects, QuickTime, and much more! Let’s get your presentation started!