About Us

Coreslide - a specialized, multimedia, boutique presentation design firm


Coreslide is a specialized, multimedia, boutique presentation design firm that expertly combines your desired aesthetic with the latest program enhancements technology has to offer.

At Coreslide, our unique, high-end design, coupled with our knowledge and understanding of the business perspective, yields a product that is clear, direct, pleasing to the eye, and sure to captivate any audience. We rethink the way information and ideas are presented. We absorb and evaluate your material and objectives, and communicate it in a cohesive, dynamic presentation that commands attention.

Our ability to take a significant amount of information and illustrate it on a single slide that clearly communicates your content is the very essence of our business. Our chief design style is clean and simple, yet powerful in its delivery of your core message.


You've done the hard part: creating your business. We'll make sure your business gets noticed, remembered, and utilized through high-end and customized presentation design services

With over a decade of presentation planning and creation in almost every industry sector, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we bring real world project management experience, a host of talent resources, and the ability to streamline costs to your project.

Our expertise is not limited to regular PowerPoint slides, our services also include animation, multimedia, print design, website design, and more. These can enhance your presentation greatly, or be utilized in another capacity to illustrate your messaging.


A "one-stop agency" for your presentation needs, Coreslide a dedicated group highly experienced, highly skilled, and highly creative designers and developers, helmed by our Creative Director who holds over 15 years of experience in the industry. The only thing we love more than new technology (and gadgets) is figuring out how we can incorporate them into our presentations, and exceed our clients' expectations. We're passionate about design and technology, and we're committed to impressing you with it.